Flats - rent and service charges from April 2019

Changes to your rent charges from April 2019

This year your basic rent will be reduced by 1%. This reduction does not apply to the service charges or water charges that you pay. Service charges are calculated on the actual cost of providing and delivering essential and obligatory services in flat blocks. The water charge is set by the water company.

Your notification of rent increase shows the total amount due for your household which is the combined basic rent, service charge and water charge for the year.

Your total rent payments

Weekly rent payments are calculated over 50 weeks and are payable in advance, on a Monday. There are two rent catch-up weeks; the last week of March and the last week in December. If you are behind with your rent payments this will give you a chance to catch-up. If your rent payments are up to date you do not need to pay your rent on these weeks.

If you pay by direct debit, your payments are calculated on a monthly basis. We will collect payments as usual in December and March.

Basic rent

This is the weekly amount you pay for landlord services, including basic repairs and improvements to your home. This varies from property to property and the weekly amount is set in your Formal Notice of Rent Charges letter.

Management fees

A few of our properties are charged a management fee. The management fee (where applicable) is calculated using the actual costs of providing and delivering essential and obligatory services in flat blocks by an appointed management agent. If there is a management fee attached to your property it will be listed on your rent charges letter.

Changes to service and other charges from 1 April 2019

If you live in a flat block, or your home is attached to a sheltered or supported housing scheme, your charges include a contribution towards the upkeep of the communal areas of that building. These charges apply whether you use the communal areas or not.

These charges will be shown separately on your rent notice and will reflect the actual cost of providing the service.

The charge What it covers
Caretaking & cleaning Cleaning of communal areas, removal of fly tipping etc
Repairs Repairs to communal areas in flat blocks such as glazing or repair to handrails
Electrics The cost of the electrical supply for communal lighting
Water charges Included in rent notification letter
Grounds maintenance Grass cutting, weeding shrub beds and clearing litter in landscaped and communal areas around flat blocks and sheltered/supported housing schemes
Window cleaning Covers the cost of providing communal window cleaning
Estate charges Covers the costs of repairs, estate lighting, ground maintenance and cleansing the areas and roads around your flat block
Heating Communal heating fuel supply costs (often in sheltered schemes / tower blocks) 
Support charge
Provision of a supported housing officer to offer help, support and advice alongside emergency assistance as and when required
Careline charge
Contribution toward the cost of the Careline alarm service 
Community support charge
Covers the cost of visiting and support service provided by supported housing officers 
Pest control Covers the cost of dealing with pest infestation in communal areas
Management fee Covers the inclusive costs of providing and delivering essential and obligatory services in flat blocks by an appointed management agent

How do these changes affect my housing benefit claim?

You must still pay your heating and water charges if you claim housing benefit.

Garage rents

If you rent a garage, you will be notified separately about any change in the standard garage rent charge. For more information about garages please visit the garages page.

Council Tax

Your council tax is paid separately to your rent. Any changes to your council tax will be sent to you separately.

Paying your rent


You will need your nine-digit reference number to make a payment. If you do not have a rent account card with your reference number on it you can apply for a new one by using the following link.

Rent account card

You can also set up a direct to make monthly or fortnightly payments. Use the following link to download a direct debit form.