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Laundry charges

Increase in laundry charges - Brent Court, Harrow Court and Walden End

You may remember that in October 2014 we asked for your views on the laundry facilities that are available to you. Your feedback showed us that they are well used by a lot of our tenants in flat blocks with laundry facilities, who would like to continue using them.

At the moment, the council contributes to the cost of running the laundry facilities in addition to the amount you pay. This is largely down to the rising costs of services and utilities such as electricity and water rates. When we consulted you in October 2014 we advised that if we are to continue offering the service, we need to increase the costs that our tenants pay.

The laundry charges at Roundmead flats were increased from April 2014. To be fair and consistent to all residents in flat blocks with laundry facilities, we will be applying the same increased charges to all flat blocks with laundry facilities. The charges for April 2016 to March 2017 will be £4.90 per wash and £2.60 per dry.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed changes, please contact us on 01438 242666.