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Applying for an Exchange

You must always get written permission from us before a move is arranged.

When you have found a possible exchange and viewed each other's properties, you should each download and fill out a Mutual Exchange Request form.

If you are not a tenant of Stevenage Borough Council you must contact your own landlord.

When application forms have been received from all tenants wishing to exchange, we will consider your request. We will make a decision within 6 weeks of receiving a request for a mutual exchange. If the exchange involves a tenant of another landlord, that landlord must also give their approval before a move can take place.

If we think that it is likely your exchange will be approved, we will arrange to inspect your property. At this inspection we will note the condition of the properties and any repairs needed that are the tenant's responsibility. We will also note any alterations that have been made that are the tenant's responsibility to maintain and those that are our responsibility.

An electrical inspection will also be arranged. This will be carried out by our contractor who will contact you to arrange an appointment.

An alterations letter will then be sent to the incoming tenant listing which of these the council accepts as its responsibility, which are the responsibility of the outgoing tenant, and which will be the responsibility of the new tenant. When we have received all signed copies of this letter accepting responsibility a formal decision will be made. 

If the exchange is approved you should then liaise with your exchange partner(s) to decide when you wish to move. You must give us at least 14 days notice of the date you wish to move.

We will write and confirm the date you wish to move and tell you the appointment details to come in to complete your assignment papers.