Joining the Mutual Exchange Register

If you would like to find a mutual exchange within Stevenage you can register quickly and easily to the House Exchange website by using the link below. Once approved, we will either email or post you your sign-in details.

The website gives the details of all tenants wanting to exchange, where and what type of home they live in now and where and what type of home they are looking for.

You can also view the website at our Customer Service Centre, your local library or internet cafe. Remember, any information entered on the website will be available to other registered users.  If you do not want people to contact you directly, fill in the alternative contact details when registering.

Your details will be added to the website unless you ask for your name to be removed. If you do not log on to the website for three months, you will be sent an email asking if you want your details to remain on there.  You are also able to amend your details or remove them from the website.

You can also look for a suitable exchange through word of mouth or by advertising in local newspapers or through cards in newsagents windows.