Who is eligible

Only secure tenants have the right to a mutual exchange. 

  • If you are a homeless applicant living in temporary accommodation you do not have a right to exchange.
  • If you are an introductory tenant you do not have the right to exchange, but we may consider a request from you. 
  • If you have rent arrears, we can approve the exchange but will not allow you to move until the arrears are cleared.

What you can exchange to

Exchanges will usually be refused if:

  • If the property is too small – if you would qualify for overcrowding priority on our Housing Register
  • If the property is too big – we would only allow one spare bedroom above our normal allocation standard
  • If the property is specialised and you do not need that speciality. 
    For example, to exchange into one of our independent living properties you would need to be over 60 years of age with a support need and subject to an assessment.

We will consider exchanges that fall just outside the guidelines in exceptional circumstances.

Use the link on the right for full details of all possible grounds for refusal.


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