Pin Green Regeneration Project


The Pin Green Regeneration Project consists of the redevelopment of a council owned neighbourhood centre at Archer Road that included a mix of maisonettes, retail, community centre and public house.

Since it was built in the 1960’s, changes in residents’ shopping habits and increases in car usage has left what was once a thriving centre of the community looking bleak, unloved, and unpopular. Despite it’s less-than-inviting appearance, the centre is still home to a lively and well-used community centre, a much loved pharmacy and a general store.
The council saw the remodelling of the centre at Archer Road as an opportunity to provide the town’s first council houses in three decades, as well as providing a much improved, outward-facing retail offer that is more convenient for those travelling by car as well as local residents. A failing public house, the King Pin, was purchased by the council to be included in the site to provide additional housing.

The Scheme will deliver a total of 17 flats and 13x 2 and 3 bed family homes with gardens, all to be owned and managed by the council and let at target rents.

As part of the first phase of the development, the new shops will open in April 2016, with 8 flats above being allocated to council tenants in May/June 2016. The remaining flats and houses will be completed by June 2017.

To create space for new houses, the new community centre is being built in the nearby Green Flag-accredited Hampson Park. As part of its activities, the management of the centre plan to open a professional-quality coffee shop that will serve users of the park as well as community centre regulars.

During construction the community centre, general store and pharmacy have continued to do business in their existing premises, and will only close once their new buildings are completed and ready to open.

The total cost of the project is approximately £5.5 million. This is a high profile scheme that could set the model for regeneration of other neighbourhood centres in the town.
Contractor Bouygues Leadbitter have been working with the council to keep local residents informed, distributing newsletters and holding regular ‘Meet the Builder’ events. Updated details of events can be found on the notice board outside the site at Archer Road.