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Leaseholders Buildings Insurance

How is Buildings Insurance cover arranged?

All leasehold flats are insured on a block policy underwritten by Aspen, Policy No NOAADFH18AOH. Your flat is included in the policy. There is a “General Interests” Clause which caters for the noting of interests of all borrowers and lenders associated with the insured flats.

When should I expect to pay my Insurance premium?

The period of insurance starts on 1 October each year. The 100% premium charge is paid by us around that time. The insurance premium is then recharged to each leaseholder as part of Service Charges.

What does the Buildings Insurance cover?

Your leasehold property is in a building that is owned by us and we are responsible for insuring the building. The building insurance covers the structure of your home (including its fixtures and fittings, if they are your property) and its:-

a) Interior decorations and fixtures and fittings within the building including those in the communal areas
b) Private garage (including a garage on a nearby site forming part of the property)
c) Domestic outbuildings, annexes, extensions, foundations
d) Swimming pools
e) Septic tanks and central heating fuel tanks
f) Walls, gates, fences, patios, drives and paths

Please note the definition of “fixtures and fittings” as per the policy:-

  • Built in furniture and built in ovens and hobs
  • Fixed glass and fixed sanitary ware
  • Pipes, ducts, tanks, wires, cables, switches, boilers and storage heaters all of which are permanently fixed
  • Wall, floor, ceiling coverings (other than carpets) all of which are permanently fixed

Please see the attached “confirmation of cover” letter issued by our Broker (Portmore) for the current period of insurance which runs from 01/10/18 to 30/09/19. This is a summary of cover and confirms the level of excess payable in the event of a claim. A copy of the policy document is available on request. Please contact us on 01438 242666 or 01438 242406 or by e-mail leasehold@stevenage.gov.uk in this respect.

How do I insure the contents of my home?

You are responsible for insuring the contents of your home, such as your personal belongings, furniture, leaseholder improvements. You can arrange contents insurance through our Crystal Insurance Scheme, underwritten by Allianz, by calling the scheme administrators directly on 0345 450 7286. You can also call our Customer Service Centre on 01438 242242 to ask for a pack to be posted to you. Alternatively, contents insurance can be arranged through any bank, building society, post office, local insurance broker or direct insurer, in person or via the telephone or internet.

How do I know if the damage to my property is covered by Insurance?

This depends on what the cause of the damage is. For example, insurers will not pay for any damage that results from wear and tear, faulty building work or lack of maintenance. If you are in any doubt, please call Cunningham Lindsey, who are fully trained and have excellent knowledge of the policy cover on 0800 358 0172.

How do I make a claim?

The Building Insurers, Aspen, have a dedicated Loss Adjusting Team called Cunningham Lindsey, who will take details of a claim, over the telephone. In the event of having to make a claim, please call Cunningham Lindsey directly on 0800 358 0172 or by email aspen-insurance@cl-uk.com. Claims must be notified to Cunningham Lindsey, within 90 days, from the date of loss or damage. Failure to do so could void the claim. In respect of incidents involving theft or vandalism, you must also report the incident to the police within 24 hours of discovering the loss or damage and ask for an incident or crime reference number. The claims telephone line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and therefore if your claim is an emergency you should call as soon as you can.

Can I arrange emergency repairs?

The Insurers are usually happy for you to arrange emergency repairs (normally up to £250) to prevent further damage or to make your property secure. Where possible, we would recommend that you take photographs of the damage, as this will assist with the claim. You must also keep any repair invoices as these will form part of the claim. Where repairs are not necessary immediately, you should first obtain two estimates for the work and send them to Cunningham Lindsey.

Who can I contact for more information or advice about the Buildings Insurance?

Please contact our Insurance Team on 01438 242406.