Service Charges

Details of estimated service charges are sent out in March each year. They include four demands (one for each quarter - April to June, July to September, October to December and January to March).

The invoice shows the total cost of the quarterly charge for the services that have been provided. The individual services that make up the total charge are outlined below.

The total charge does not include the cost of major works or improvements to your block. For information about programmed works please see the Current Major Works pages.

We will recalculate the costs for the previous financial year's charges based on the actual cost of providing services to each individual flat block. We will write to leaseholders by October of each year giving details of any necessary adjustments that need to be made to service charge accounts.

If you have any questions about your Service Charges invoice please contact the Customer Service Centre on 01438 242666.

Services provided

Caretaking & Cleaning

Charges for caretaking and cleaning services vary from block to block

There are three types of service:

  • Programmed service
  • Blitz cleaning service; and
  • Reactive service.

Residents living in larger flat blocks with lifts, large shared areas and large bin stores are also charged for a regular caretaking and cleaning service.

The responsive and regular services charges are shown as a combined charge.


This charge covers the cost of lighting in shared areas of flat blocks. In some blocks it also includes the cost of running lifts or laundry rooms. The charge varies from block to block depending on the services provided.

Grounds Maintenance

This charge covers the cost of looking after shared landscaped areas around blocks of flats. Grass is cut at least eight times a year and shrub beds are cultivated twice a year. The charge varies from block to block depending on the level of service provided.

Window Cleaning

This charge covers the cost of cleaning windows in the shared areas four times a year. The charge varies from block to block. The window cleaning service will not clean the windows belonging to your flat.


This charge is made to blocks of flats that have a shared heating or hot water supply and covers the cost of fuel needed to run the system. The amount charged varies from block to block, where applicable.

Buildings Insurance

This charge is for the structure and communal areas of flat blocks only. Details of the insurance policy is available via the following link: Buildings Insurance

You must still arrange your own insurance for the contents of your home. The council has arranged a special scheme which is open to all tenants and leaseholders called the Crystal Insurance Scheme. Under this scheme it is easy for you to protect your belongings at a special low cost rate.

Find out more about arranging Home Contents Insurance.


This covers the cost of making day-to-day repairs to the structure and communal areas of the flat blocks. The amount charged varies from block to block.

Please report repairs to communal areas online using the link below.

Management Charge

This covers the cost of administering the service for leaseholders.



Report a communal repair

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