Independent Living

Our Independent Living schemes are a warm and welcoming community where you can live independently. All accommodation is self-contained with the reassurance of an experienced Supported Housing officer on hand to offer help, support and advice alongside emergency assistance if and when needed.

The level of independence is up to you. You can choose the level of contact with your supported housing officer and how much contact you have in the scheme.

Our independent living schemes are made up of various flats and bungalows even though they are unfurnished they are fully equipped with an emergency alarm system so that you have peace of mind that help is available 24hrs a day 365 days a year.


If you are over the age of 60 or disabled and need support to live independently then you are able to apply for independent living. You will need to complete an application for housing.

Next steps

Once your housing application has been processed and you have been included on the housing register, we will write to you with all the information you will need to bid on properties. We can also assist you if you have no-one to bid for you.

All applicants for Independent Living will have an assessment in their own home by a supported housing officer to discuss their suitability for independent living and their particular needs. For example, we will not offer first floor flats without a lift to anyone who has even minor mobility problems.

If your bid is successful you will be contacted by a Supported Housing officer at the relevant scheme to carry out a viewing of the property.

Please be aware that the applicant themselves must view and accept the property, a friend or family member cannot do this on their behalf but can accompany them to the appointment.

Supported Housing Officers

Supported housing officers oversee the day to day running of the scheme and provides support to the people living there by:

  • Welcoming and helping new residents to settle into their new home.
  • Making contact with the resident as agreed.
  • Answering emergency calls and obtaining assistance from Doctors, family and/ or any emergency service that may be required.
  • Encouraging social activities and the use of shared facilities.
  • Giving advice on services available for your needs.
  • Arranging services to help residents live independently in their homes.
  • Giving advice on benefits available and assisting with the completion of forms if required.
  • Overseeing the safety, security and maintenance of the scheme and the management of the shared areas.

All properties are linked an alarm system enabling residents to call for help in an emergency. Help and support will be provided by an experienced supported housing officer 24/7, 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, supported housing officers are unable to provide any nursing or personal care but will be able to provide you with advice on where you can get help.

The role of the supported housing officer is to provide support and advice on a general basis and this is not intended to replace the contact and support given by family and friends.  It is intended that by working together, you can remain independent, safe, happy and secure in your own home.

How much will it cost?

There are two costs - your rent and the weekly support charge, these will be discussed with you during your assessment.

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