Pride of Stevenage Awards

Stevenage will once again applaud the good work of members of its community at the Pride of Stevenage Awards 2019 being held at the IBIS Hotel on Saturday 28 September.

Make your nomination online if you have a friend, neighbour, colleague or group that you feel is worthy of recognition.

Get your nominations in by Monday 19 August!


Caring Award - for someone’s act or acts of kindness
It could be someone undertaking charity work or fundraising, someone who helps care for other people or animals, or who looks after facilities or buildings. Or it could go to someone whose actions make life easier or more pleasant for those around them.

Dedication Award – for long service in voluntary or community work in Stevenage
This award will go to someone who has spent many years carrying out voluntary work to benefit Stevenage communities, or to someone who has a long record of success with community groups and organisations in the town.

Enterprise Award – for making real contribution to commercial life in Stevenage
This is for a business, individual, organisation or project that supports and develops Stevenage businesses or one that improves employment prospects for local people. Or it could be a business venture that is highly valued by customers and the local community.

Green Award – for helping keep Stevenage clean, safe and green
This will go to an individual or an organisation such as a school or community group. It could go a group of litter pickers, a gardening enthusiast or enthusiasts, or a recycling champion - just anyone who promotes the green and clean message in Stevenage.

Sporting Award – to recognise a major contribution to sporting life in Stevenage
This could be a person or team who has achieved great things in an amateur sport - playing, coaching or supporting. Or it could recognise someone who has improved their own or other people’s health and wellbeing by taking part in or promoting physical activity.

Team Award – to recognise a major contribution to life in Stevenage
This is for the team behind an event, activity or project that has enhanced people’s everyday lives in their local area. It might be something that reduces crime, improves the environment, provides support to community members, creates opportunities or simply promotes community spirit.

Young Star Award
This is for a young Stevenage person (or group of people) under 18 who has made significant achievements at school or college or in their local community, or who makes a difference in their neighbourhood, or in the voluntary sector. Or it could go to a young person who has overcome challenges to reach their goal or achieve a personal ambition.

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