The Members on the Executive include the Leader of the Council and the Deputy Leader.

The Executive makes decisions on all Key Decisions. (See Councils Constitution for a definition of a Key Decision and more detail on the Executive).


The Leader of the Council - Councillor Sharon Taylor
Councillor John Gardner - Deputy Leader- Environment and Regeneration
Councillor Mrs Joan Lloyd - Resources
Councillor Richard Henry - Children, Young People & Leisure
Councillor Jeannette Thomas - Housing, Health and Older People
Councillor Ralph Raynor - Economy, Enterprise and Transport
 Councillor Jackie Hollywell -  Communities, Safer Communities & Equalities
Councillor Simon Speller - Neighbourhoods and Co-operative Council

With the Leader holding specific responsibility for Modernisation of Local Government - new political structures and the Constitution, Media and Communications, Public Consultations, Partnerships, Town Twinning, Members’ Services including the Modern Member Programme and the Civic Suite.