Audit Committee

Audit Committee will meet 4 times a year. Membership is made up of 8 Members (including 1 independent non-elected Member).

The Audit Committee has been set up in response to national advice by the Audit Commission and CIPFA for each District/Borough to establish an Audit Committee to act as a key aspect of corporate governance. The Audit Committee will work at raising the profile of internal control, risk management and financial reporting within the Council.

Within its Terms of Reference it will advise or comment as appropriate on:

  • Internal Audit Matters;
  • External Audit Matters;
  • Arrangements for the co-operation between Internal Audit , External Audit and other bodies;
  • Anti Fraud and Corruption issues;
  • Publishing the Council's Statement of Internal Control;
  • Contract Standing Order and Financial Regulations;
  • Council's Risk Management arrangements;
  • The Council's arrangements for delivering value for money; and
  • The Statement of Accounts.



M McKay (Chair)
R Broom
L Chester
D Cullen
J Gardner
G Lawrence
J Lloyd CC
A McGuinness

Mr B Mitchell - Independent, non-elected Member