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How are we doing?

In 2009 the council commissioned a research company – Opinion Research Services (ORS) – to ask a selection of residents what they think about the services we provide.

We now have the results of the survey. More than 1,100 people were asked their opinions about the way the council runs things and the services we provide. All sorts of people from different parts of Stevenage were involved.

When asked to rate how satisfied they are with Stevenage as a place to live, a very high proportion of residents expressed satisfaction (85%) with only 7% saying they are dissatisfied.

The main reasons people gave for their pride in Stevenage was the parks and open spaces (58%), leisure facilities (44%), schools and education facilities (34%), the environment (31%) and community spirit (26%).

53% of residents said that they would speak highly about Stevenage to others, and only 8% would be critical of the town.

Almost three quarters of you – 73% - said that they feel very or fairly strongly that they belong to their neighbourhood.

Seven in ten of you agree that Stevenage is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together. Regular events that we support like the multi cultural show Celebrate!!! bring different communities together.

69% said that they are satisfied with the way the council runs things. And only 11% were dissatisfied. More than a third of you - 35% - are satisfied with the opportunities we provide to participate in local decision making. 11% said they were dissatisfied. Slightly fewer – 30% - felt they could influence decisions affecting their local area. And 31% felt that they could not.

Nearly four fifths (79%) feel that they are well informed by the council about the services and benefits provided. Only 15% feel that they aren’t well informed.

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