Government consultation responses

The following policy statements have been made by Portfolio Holders on behalf of Stevenage Borough Council in response to Government consultations.

Localising support for council tax in England

Response deadline: 14 October 2011

A new mandatory power of possession for anti-social behaviour

Response deadline: 7 November 2011

ASB Consultation

For further information about Government consultations please visit the DirectGov website.

Planning for traveller sites

Response deadline: 3 August 2011

Relaxation of planning rules for change of use from commercial to residential

Response deadline: 30 June 2011

Future of local public audit

Response deadline: 30 June 2011

Equalities Consultation

Response deadline: 10 November 2010

Proposal: Draft regulation about specific duties for public bodies.

Health White Paper

Response deadline: 11 October 2010

Proposal: Major restructuring of health service including the abolition of PCTs, the establishment of GP Commissioning Consortia and public health responsibilities moving to local authorities.

Response - Liberating the NHS: Local democratic legitimacy in health

Policing Consultation

Response deadline: 20 September 2010

Proposal: Reorganisation of policing including scrapping Police Authorities by May 2012 and replacing with locally elected officials.