Join our readers’ panel

We produce lots of information to keep you up to date about:

  • Our services
  • Our ambitions
  • The decisions we make
  • How we spend money
  • How you can get involved and tell us what you think.

There’s no point in providing this information if it’s not appropriate for you.

What is a readers’ panel?

A readers’ panel is one way you can tell us what you think about our written publications.  These include documents such as our residents’ magazine Chronicle, leaflets and forms.

We need volunteers to look at different publications throughout the year and tell us if they are:

  • Easy to read
  • Clear
  • Good quality
  • Well designed.

This will help us to improve the publications we produce for you.

Who are we looking for?

Mainly Stevenage residents and our customers.  We need people 18 and over to read publications targeted at adults.

We want the panel to be made up of as many different people as possible.  Men and women of different ages from different communities living in different parts of Stevenage.

What does it involve?

We will send you copies of existing publications in the post along with an evaluation form for each one. 

You can then give us feedback and ideas for future versions. 

Return the evaluation forms in the post in the freepost envelope provided.

This is our first readers’ panel so we need to see what works and what doesn’t – for you and for us.  For the time being, we will send you publications to read four times a year but this will be reviewed.

What will you be asked?

We will ask you to identify:

  • ‘Jargon’ – words which are unclear and unhelpful
  • Too much information, for example, long, unclear sentences
  • Instructions and diagrams which are unclear and unhelpful
  • Issues with design and photographs, for example, coloured text on a coloured background that’s difficult to read.


We will give you and the rest of Stevenage feedback about what we’ve done in response to your comments on this web site and in Chronicle magazine.  There’s no point in getting your comments and suggestions if we don’t do something with them!

Support for members of the readers’ panel

If you have any questions about a particular publication please contact the Communications team using the contact details on the right.

Please also contact us if you have suggestions for improving how the panel works.

How do you join?

Email: or telephone 01438 242168 or for textphone users 01438 242555.


Contact details

Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House

Telephone: 01438 242168
Textphone: 01438 242555