We currently have garages in low demand areas available to let for the use of domestic storage. Use the links below to apply for a garage online or to download an application form.

Please note: If we receive an application but have no available garages an acknowledgment letter will usually be sent out within 28 days and the application placed on a waiting list.

Garages are weather proof but not water tight and we recommend that you read our Guidance notes for Domestic Storage carefully.

Rental charges

  • Council Tenants £10.75 - £11.30 per week
  • Non Council Tenants £12.90 - £13.56 per week

There is a difference in charges for council and non-council tenants because VAT has to be added for non-council tenant accounts. VAT is levied by Customs and Excise.

Conditions of tenancy - domestic storage

The Conditions of Tenancy must be adhered to when renting a garage for domestic storage. Please also read the Information sheet to ensure a garage is suitable for the items you wish to store.

We will issue general guidance notes for storage at the start of the tenancy. However, we do not accept any liability for loss or damage to garage contents.


You can now get your garage rent balance and pay online all you need is your account number.

Application Form


Direct Debit form

Domestic Storage Conditions of Tenancy

Guidance notes on Domestic Storage

Contact details

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Stevenage Borough Council
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