Garages rent arrears

The Council will repossess a garage where rent arrears rise to an unacceptable level or an account is in arrears for too long.

Unlike house and flats, the Council do not have to apply to courts for a Possession Order.

Should a garage be repossessed and be found to contain goods, the tenant will be contacted and asked to remove them. Should the Council have to clear the garage, the cost of the clearance along with the cost of a lock change should one have been necessary, will be charged to the former tenant. This is in addition to any arrears outstanding.

Most arrears cases can be dealt with relatively simply provided tenants get in contact early enough. Ignoring the situation can only make matters worse.

Due to the low level of rent compared to a house or flat, some may regard garage rent as low priority. However we have a duty to recover all rent owed to the Council to fund the services we provide. We are also required to maintain overall levels of outstanding rent including garage rent, within limits set.

How can I pay my garage rent?

  • The Council’s preferred method of payment of payment is by Direct Debit.
  • Payments can be made online, you will need a valid debit or credit card.
  • Payments can be made at any Post Office using a payment card issued by the council at the start of the garage tenancy.
  • Payments can be made by telephone call to the Customer Service Centre on (01438) 242345. To pay by telephone you will need to hold a valid debit or credit card.

What should I do if I fall into or anticipate financial difficulties?

It is always best to contact Garage Management Services on telephone number (01438) 242122 to discuss your account, before the level of the garage arrears becomes a problem.


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