Food hygiene rating scheme

Food-Hygiene-RatingWhen a food business is inspected it is given a hygiene rating that reflects the findings made at the time of the visit.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) is run in partnership with the Food Standards Agency, and replaces the 'Scores on the Doors' star rating scheme.

The FHRS will gradually replace all the different schemes currently being used across the country and provide consumers with a single, easy to understand scheme.

Food hygiene ratings in Stevenage

How are the ratings worked out

The rating ranges from zero (worst) to five (best) and is based on the food safety standards found at the time of the inspection. Three areas are assessed:

  • food hygiene
  • structure and cleanliness
  • confidence in management

The rating does not reflect the quality of food nor the standard of service.

As part of the scheme, food businesses are given a window sticker and certificate showing the rating achieved. Displaying the sticker and/or the certificate is voluntary. 

Appealing against a hygiene rating

If a food business operator feels that the rating awarded is unjust, for example, they feel that the rating does not reflect the hygiene standards and management controls found at the establishment, there is a 21 day period within which they can appeal. The appeal will be responded to within 21 days, during this time no hygiene rating will be displayed.

An appeal form is available for downloading below.

Requesting a food hygiene rating revisit

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme re-rating visit £172

The food business operator can make a request for a further visit to re-score the premises and this request can be made at anytime, but the revisit will not take place until at least three months from the initial inspection has elapsed.

Only one requested revisit will take place, other than in exceptional circumstances. The food business operator will need to outline the improvements that they have made on the revisit request form. Sufficient evidence of the improvement should be included, for example, photographs. If the case made by the food business operator is not substantiated, the council can decline the request to revisit.

Any visit that is undertaken will be unannounced and will take place within three months of the request being made. The inspecting officer will not only check that the required improvements have been made, but will also assess the level of the compliance that is found overall. The score therefore could go up, down or remain the same.

Right to reply

Food business operators have a right to reply which will be published on the website with their score. The purpose is to enable the food business operator to give an explanation of any actions that may have been taken to rectify the non compliance or mitigation for the circumstances at the time of the inspection.

The right to reply should be sent to the address on the right. The comments may be edited before being published on the website.

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