Climate Change strategy

On the 12 June 2019 we declared a climate emergency and reconfirmed our long standing commitment to battling climate change. Since then we have been developing a draft strategy by learning from other local authorities and consulting with our residents and businesses.

Climate justice must be a key foundation for all council policy moving forward. We intend to engage as much as possible with residents as this is such an important issue that affects us all. As part of this, we are looking to form a representative citizen’s panel to help inform our ongoing response to the climate emergency and are inviting residents to find out more and express an interest in being considered for the panel. If you are a Stevenage resident and would like more information please provide your email address and the area of Stevenage you live and we’ll be in contact within the month regarding further engagement.

The draft strategy is a starting point for the development of a co-produced climate change strategy and action plan. This will involve the development of a plan for reducing the council’s emissions from assets, buildings and fleets of vehicles, as well as extensive engagement with Stevenage residents and businesses alongside advocacy and coordination with central government and Hertfordshire County Council for radical transformation of the transport and energy systems.

The Strategy will be available when it has been approved.

  • We will utilise this opportunity to improve resident’s quality of life by striving to end fuel poverty, improve the built environment, encourage the shift to active travels and empower people to make changes to their lifestyle which will shrink their carbon footprint. Link to pledges once approved.
  • We will act as a community leader with the ambition of Stevenage having net-zero emissions by 2030; this will involve working closely with Stevenage based business. Our Charter will be available when it has been approved.

Register your interest to join our Clinmate change citizen's panel