Climate Change strategy

On the 12 June 2019, we declared a climate emergency and reconfirmed our commitment to battling climate change by setting a target to ensure Stevenage has net-zero emissions by 2030. Since then we have been consulting with local residents, businesses and other local authorities to develop a draft strategy and pledges for residents and businesses. These documents are a starting point for the development of a co-produced climate change strategy and action plan.

Tackling climate change and improving sustainability must be a key foundation for all Council policy moving forward, that’s why we are calling on the public to take part in a consultation on how we can make way for a greener Stevenage.

If you have any feedback on any our draft documents please send it to this will help us prioritise how we tackle climate change in Stevenage. The public consultation is open until 22 March.

Business Charter

We are committed to working with a wide range of partners to tackle climate change. As part of this, the Council will be calling on local businesses to publicly show their commitment to tackling climate change by signing our charter. Take a look at the draft Charter and tell us what you think by sending your feedback to by 22 March.

Climate Change - how affected are you?

We would also like to know how you feel about climate change, please take our short survey. There are 11 questions and it should take no longer than minutes.

Join our Citizen's Panel

As part of our commitment to addressing climate change, we will also be establishing a citizen’s panel made up of a select group of Stevenage residents. Our panel will represent a broad and diverse range of views in the town and will help inform our ongoing response to the climate emergency. To be considered for the citizen’s panel, please register your interest