Change to local council funding 2013

The government is changing how local councils can be funded and is allowing boroughs like Stevenage to retain some of the business rates that are raised locally.

Until now, business rates (National Non Domestic Rates) have been raised by local councils, but all the money raised has gone to central government.

In future, councils will retain part of this money to be used for local services.

This means it is vital that council records are updated with changes quickly and the council is given the information it needs to maintain this funding. We also need to make sure that reliefs & exemptions are applied correctly and are up to date.

For example, if there are regular periods of short term occupation at a property, we will need to verify the nature of the occupation before we can allow the empty exemption for the property after it is vacated.

This may need a visit to the premises by one of our Inspectors.

If you want to occupy a business property for a short time, you will need to contact us straight away.

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