Benefits - Non-Dependant Deduction

If someone in your home is over 18, not in full time education, works or claims benefit, they will be expected to pay a contribution to your rent. Your housing benefit will be cut in line with this expected contribution.

The deductions will depend on how much money the person is earning.

A deduction may already be made from your housing benefit due to non-dependants in your home but you need to be aware that these may now increase.

Deductions on Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support

There are set weekly deductions depending on:

  • Age (if you get Income Support/ Job Seekers Allowance (income based) / Emploment Support Allowance (income based)
  • Benefits you might receive: Income Support/Job Seekers Allowance (Income based); Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit and/or Savings Credit) or Emploment Support Allowance
  • How many hours worked each week
  • Weekly earnings

Weekly deductions made from Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

Not in Paid Work


Non-Dependant Deductions Housing Benefit Council Tax Support 
Under 18 - regardless of income Nil Nil
Under 25 - on IS/JSA(IB) Nil Nil 
25 or over - on IS/JSA(IB) £14.80 Nil
Getting Pension Credit (GC +/or SC) Nil Nil 
Getting Main phase ESA(IR) £14.80 Nil
18 or over - not on IS/JSA(IB)/GC £14.80 £3.80

In Paid Work


Non-Dependant Deductions Housing Benefit
Getting PC (GC and/or SC) Nil
Over 18 and gross weekly income is:   
Under £136 £14.80
£136 - £199.99 £34.00
£200 - £258.99 £46.65
£259 - £345.99 £76.35
£346 - £429.99 £86.95
£430 or over £95.45

Non-Dependant Deductions Council Tax Support
Getting PC (GC and/or SC) Nil
Over 18 and gross weekly income is:
Under £196.94 £3.80
£196.95 - £341.39 £7.65
£341.40 - £424.40 £9.65
Over £425.00 £11.55
£430 or over £11.36

  • Remunerative work means work averaging 16 hours or more per week
  • Use Gross income (not just earnings – e.g. include all types of income) when working out income
  • Disregard Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance
  • There are no deductions for anyone under the age of 18
  • If a non-dependant’s IS/JSA(IB)/GC/SC starts mid-week - treat as if for the whole week


Non-Dependant Information Leaflet

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