Animal Welfare

Information about the Council's services and other animal welfare organisations


  • Animal control
    The Environmental Health & Licensing Unit undertakes work Pest Control, Control of stray dogs, Complaints regarding animal related nuisance, including pests, Enforcement of conditions and requirements necessary for the licensing of animal related establishments (pet shops, riding establishments, zoos, animal boarding, dog breeding and dangerous wild animals)
  • Animal health and welfare
    Animal health and welfare legislation is currently enforced jointly by Stevenage Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards department and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), in association with other government bodies and independent organisations like the RSPCA.
  • Dog warden service
    The council enforces dog fouling and dog nuisance legislation and deals with stray dogs.
  • Dangerous dogs
    The Police can take action against the owner of a dog which acts dangerously or aggressively if in such a way as to put a person in fear for their safety.
  • Stray animals
    The council has a legal duty to collect and detain stray dogs if they remain unclaimed.
  • Animal welfare FAQs
    Information on what you should do if you have any concerns about animals.
  • Microchipping dogs
    From 6 April 2016, every dog that is older than 8 weeks must be microchipped and their details recorded on an approved UK database.