Equality impact assessments

What is an Equality Impact Assessment?

It is a process that helps the council to evidence and understand the impacts that our decisions might have on different types of people, and improve them where we can. These decisions can relate to existing services, policies and functions, plans for future changes and new projects.

We use the assessment to identify potential impacts on protected groups, both positive and negative, and look at how we could avoid disadvantage or further improve the delivery of our services.

Why do we do them?

Equality Impact Assessments have been used at Stevenage for a number of years and are a really useful way of showing how we consider the needs of our diverse communities and staff. They help us to:

  • Consider the differing needs of people in our community and workforce
  • Demonstrate to all of our stakeholders that we place great importance on meeting and understanding the needs of different residents and employees
  • Ensure that decisions are made in a fair, transparent and accountable way
  • Focus our activity on delivering positive outcomes for our communities instead of being process-driven
  • Meet our legislative requirements under the Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty.


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