Equality and diversity

At Stevenage Borough Council we view equality and diversity to be about knowing and understanding the make-up of our town and the needs of our communities, and using this information to deliver services that are fair, accessible and open to everyone who needs them. It’s about communicating to staff, customers, communities and our partners how important it is to treat people fairly, and celebrating our differences.

Equality is covered in law by the equality Act 2010, which protects nine characteristics that people have. These are age, being pregnant or on maternity leave, being a transsexual person, disability, sex, marital status, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation. Equality is treating these different groups of people fairly and in such a way that they’re all able to have the same outcomes. When a person feels that they have not been treated fairly because of one of these characteristics it is called unlawful discrimination.

Diversity is difference. Everyone has their differences whether it is the way they dress, the way they speak or what their moral values are. It is one of the council’s roles to encourage understanding, appreciation and celebration of these differences amongst our communities, and ensure that our residents feel confident in expressing diversity.

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