Annual Canvass 2019

Between August and November 2019 you will be able to use the links on this page to provide registration details required as part of the Annual Canvass. Normally you will have received a paper form sent to you in the post with the web address for this page.

Please choose from the following options to provide the required information (further details on the timetable for the Annual Canvass are also included below).

Option 1:

CONFIRMING and AMENDING DETAILS pre-printed on the "Household Enquiry Form"

If you received a form with pre-printed details of residents you can confirm and amend pre-printed registration details here. You can also add residents to the property if their names are not already on the pre-printed form.

You will need the 10 digit security code part 1 and 5 digit security code part 2 printed on your "Household Enquiry Form".

Postal vote application forms can be requested and requests to opt out of details appearing on the Open Register can be made for pre-printed and added individuals.

Confirm or amend your registration details

Option 2:

Completing a "Register to Vote" form

If you have received an individual "Register to Vote" form you can complete an online registration form here to provide the details.

Add names to the electoral register

Canvass Timetable

Households are sent letters asking for information and they will be visited if a full response is not received. The timetable for these letters and visits is as follows:

Date(s) Action
5 August Despatch of initial "Household Enquiry Forms"
2 September Despatch of 1st Reminder "Household Enquiry Forms"
2 October to 21 October Canvass Registration Assistants visit properties who have not responded to the "Household Enquiry Forms"
4 November Despatch of 2nd Reminder "Household Enquiry Forms"
1 December Publish the revised Register of Electors

The Canvass Registration Assistants carry Council provided identification and their identity can be checked as they carry GPS location devices and their attendance at your property can be checked with you.

If you have any queries concerning the registration process, please call the helpline on 01438 242242 or alternatively you can email, or write to the address below:

Electoral Registration Officer, Stevenage Borough Council, Corporate Services and Transformation, Daneshill House, Danestrete, Stevenage, SG1 1HN

For further information on Elections and Electoral Registration please click here