Councillors Register of Interests

For the present, 2012/13,  the entries are generally held in two separate registers one being just for ‘Disclosable Pecuniary Interests’ specified by law and the other covering ‘Other Interests’ which this Council considers should also be registered. A failure to register or declare a Pecuniary Interest  where required under the Act can be prosecuted as criminal offence by the Director of Public Prosecutions but a failure to register or declare ‘Other Interests’ or otherwise breach the Code will be dealt with under the councils’ own procedures.

All Local Authority Members have to abide by a Code of Conduct. One part of the code requires them to register certain interests and declare gifts or hospitality which they have received.

Councillors register of interests can be viewed via their individual web pages.

Other co-opted committee members Register of Pecuniary Interests are available below:

This Gifts and Hospitality Register can be viewed via the link below.

Members are also required to make a declaration at meetings if they have any personal interests which are affected by the item under discussion. These interests are noted in the Committee minutes.

For more information please contact the Monitoring Officer.


Register of Interest Declaration Form

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