Town Centre Gardens

The Town Centre Gardens (3.85ha’s) were developed in the mid-1960’s, and are the primary formal and ornamental public gardens in Stevenage. Information about the park is available via the links below.

Feeding the ducks and geese

Feeding ducks and geese can be great fun for kids and for adults but did you know that you could be doing more harm than good?

The Gardens

Information about the gardens and how to report problems.

The Consultation

How and when we consulted.

Recent Improvements

Improvements that have been made to the Gardens since 1996.


Before the arrival of Stevenage New Town the area, now known as the Town Centre Gardens, was a series of fields, that featured 'Bedwell Plash' - a natural spring that was used by local farmers at Bedwell farm to water their livestock.

Friends of the Gardens

Become a friend and help shape how the Gardens develop into a prized community asset for the future.


Events taking place at the Gardens.


Town Centre Gardens Management Plan (2011-2021)

Gordon the Greedy Goose


Report a problem


Site Plan of Town Centre Gardens and surrounding area

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