Anti-Social Behaviour

The council delivers a range of services and projects to reduce anti-social behaviour in the borough.

Community Trigger

The Anti-social Behaviour (ASB), Crime and Policing Act 2014 give victims the power to ensure that action is taken to deal with persistent anti-social behaviour through a ‘Community Trigger’.

Anti-social behaviour procedure

Stevenage is committed to ensuring that all residents enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security in and around their homes.

We recognise that anti-social behaviour is a priority issue for local people and can have a severe effect on the wellbeing of residents and that we have a duty to take action to minimise it through preventative measures; enforcement actions; and, support for victims, witnesses, and staff.

This procedure details how Stevenage staff will implement the approach outlined in our Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) policy.

Report anti-social behaviour

How to report anti-social behaviour and what we will do about it.

No More alcohol and drug service

The No More alcohol and drug service offers support to people, when alcohol negatively affects their daily life.


How to report harassment and what we will do about it

Hate crime

How to report hate crime and what we will do about it

Domestic abuse

Our stance on domestic abuse

The Respect Charter

We’re committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and as a result we have signed up to the Government’s Respect Standard

Report squatters or unauthorised occupants

How you can report squatters and unauthorised occupiers on-line and what we will do about it.

Nuisance and Neighbour Disputes

If you have a complaint to make about the behaviour of a neighbour or anti-social behaviour (ASB) in your area, you should start by raising the complaint with the person involved.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs)

This is a voluntary contract aimed at individuals aged between 10-17 years; the contract is NOT legally binding or enforceable by the Police, however, it could be used as evidence by other agencies.

Family Intervention Project

The Family Intervention Project (FIP) aims to give families in a crisis a lifeline.
Information leaflet

Absolute Ground for Possession

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, has given social landlords a new power of mandatory possession for anti-social behaviour from the 20 October 2014.