Community Safety Partnership

  • Community Safety
    SoSafe is the name given to the Stevenage Community Safety Partnership. It brings many organisations together who work to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • Crime Prevention
    This page provides advice and information about preventing crime.
  • Hate Crime
    Hate crime is a criminal offence and can take many forms. Hate crime can have an impact on entire communities. This page has information on what constitutes a hate crime and how they can be reported.
  • Domestic Abuse
    Domestic abuse is any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse that is perpetrated by one person against another, usually including a misuse of power and control.
  • Terrorism and Radicalisation
    PREVENT is one of the four elements of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy, Contest.
  • Help, Advice and Support
    Links to agencies and support groups who can help with specific problems.
  • Community Involvement
    SoSafe relies on community support to make Stevenage safer for us all. The partnership regularly conducts research to gauge public opinion about how safe people feel and what concerns them about their neighbourhoods.
  • Safeguarding Statement
    Stevenage Borough Council is committed to safeguarding our community so it is a safe place for all to live in. A safeguarding culture has been embedded with the aim to prevent abuse and neglect wherever possible, whilst promoting an approach that focuses on improving life for all concerned.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
    The council delivers a range of services and projects to reduce anti-social behaviour in the borough.
  • Modern Slavery Statement
    Stevenage Borough Council is committed to ending all forms of modern slavery. Through working in partnership with local residents, Hertfordshire Police, organisations such as the Salvation Army and the Modern Slavery Helpline the council aims to make the borough of Stevenage an even safer, place to live, work and visit.
  • Community Safety Policies and Procedures
    Links to our Community Safety Policies and Procedures