Social enterprise

Stevenage Borough Council is very keen to enhance the level and work with social enterprises in and around Stevenage. A Social Enterprise is an organisation that:

  • has social or environmental objectives.
  • reinvest their surpluses into the business or community.
  • are interested in overcoming: Social Injustice, Exclusion, Contributing to society.

The Economic Development team are currently working on activities to increase involvement with local social enterprises. This includes agreeing to take part in a partnership across the area to offer support and the right network for pre start up social enterprises.

The Ensuring Seamless Support (ESS) initiative is aimed at getting existing organisations together to work in partnership, share resources and contribute what they are best at.

The ESS project offers:

  • Collective activities that assist the initial exploration of ideas by new or emerging groups and individuals
  • Coaching for individuals to support both personal and business skills development
  • One-to-one diagnostics provided by VCS Development Workers.
  • Business advice and support for detailed work on social enterprise proposals and business plans
  • Training delivery for skills
  • Support with constitutions
  • Bursaries for expertise, consultancy and study visits – requested by the customer


Contact details

Economic Development
Stevenage Borough Council
Daneshill House
01438 242186