Neighbourhood investment

We are investing £12million on a range of improvements to public spaces over the next few years, to keep our local areas looking good. The work will include:

Play areas

Working with local children to design new play areas around the town with exciting play equipment inspired by their ideas.

Benches, street name signs, footpaths, damaged walls

We know all these little things can make a big difference to the look and feel of local areas so we will be working our way round the town fixing and renewing these.

Shrub beds, litter bins and green space information boards

Stevenage is famous for its open spaces and leafy green neighbourhoods. We will be working to make shrub bed areas more attractive, install new litter bins to help everyone keep the town clean, as well as new information signs in our green spaces.


We have ambitious plans to improve council-owned blocks around the town, so come back for more information on this soon.

Neighbourhood wardens

Our neighbourhood wardens are the eyes and ears of communities and work with local people to resolve their concerns. They patrol local areas, talking to residents, giving them information on things that concern them or how they can play a more active role in their community.