Our Neighbourhood


Do you want to know more about what’s happening in your local area? Would you like to get more involved in your neighbourhood?

We are working on a range of improvements to our town but we need your help. Many of our residents are already working with us to run projects, start up new schemes and organise events that are making a real difference to people and public spaces across our town. Whether it be organising a local clean-up day or creating a project that will help some of your vulnerable neighbours there’s no limit to the improvements that you can make to your local area - with or without our help.

From now until 2023 we are investing £12million on a  range of improvements to play areas and public spaces. This is all part of the council’s Our neighbourhood project, working with you to improve our town. You can find out more on the neighbourhood investment page.

To see what's already been done visit the neighbourhoods projects page .

What would you like to do?

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