Photographic collection

We have an extensive photographic archive of the town and some of the surrounding area.

A collection of photographs taken by the Development Corporation provides an excellent record of the building of the New Town.

Order a photograph

The Museum provides a photograph reproduction service. Choose a photograph from the gallery touch screen at the Museum or from the archive itself.

Please contact the Museum if you are interested in looking for a particular photograph from the collection.

If you know the photograph number and would like to order a copy you can complete an on-line order form.

Photography Reproduction Charges

There is a charge for the reproduction of photographic material.  The charges depend on the intended use of the image.

Prices for members of the public (domestic use only)

7" x 5"£7.50
 8" x 6" £9.00
 10" x 8" £12.00
 A4 £13.50
 12" x 10" £14.50
 16" x 12" £16.00
 20" x 16" £30.00
 24" x 20" £33.00

Print outs from the computer are charged at £5.00

Prices for Commercial Users

7" x 5"£38.00 
 8" x 6"£40.00 
 10" x 8"£42.00 
 12" x 10"£44.00 
 16" x 12"£45.00 
 20" x 16"£50.00 
 24" x 20"£55.00 

Print outs from the computer are charged at £7.00


Order online

Photograph order form

You will need to know the photograph number to use the online service

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