Estates management

The estates service is responsible for ensuring that the council uses its land and buildings (excluding council housing which is managed by the Housing Division) effectively in delivering services to the public, and meeting the Council's ambitions.

The estates service generates income from lettings of shops, workshops and other properties (including garages) and through the sale of land and buildings. This helps meet the cost of council services and contributes to the council's capital programme.

The main functions of the service are broken down into the following areas:

  • Commercial - management of the commercial property portfolio (including the letting of shops)
  • Disposal of land - progressing neighbourhood centre improvements
  • Development sites - the service manages a programme of disposals
  • Small land sales - the service deals with applications to purchase/licence or cross over council land
  • Valuation Advice - the service provides valuations and property related advice for Council purposes
  • Special Projects
    • advising on various property related projects including regeneration of the town centre and neighbourhood centres
    • negotiations in respect of Council land to the North east and West of Stevenage
  • Garages - management of all Council owned garages (including lettings). See Garage Management
  • Markets - Management of the town centre indoor market



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