Almond Lane Cemetery

Almond Lane Cemetery is the older of the two cemeteries in Stevenage, with the first burial having taken place in 1944.

This cemetery closed for new burials in 1995, but burials will still take place for reopen and reserved plots as well as the interments of cremated remains within the Rose Garden only.

Almond Lane Cemetery is open all-day and evening, 365 days a year. There is also a visitors car park.


Almond Lane Cemetery lies in the north of the town. 

The entrance is from Almonds Lane, and is within easy reach of a frequent bus service to and from the town centre and railway station. The main gates to the cemetery are left open, at all times, for access to the car park.

The Cemetery

The cemetery is divided into twelve grave sections, with a Garden of Rest and Memorial Rose & Shrub Gardens for cremated remains.

Almonds Lane cemeter layout plan

We have regulations in place to ensure that the Cemetery can continue to be maintained at a high standard for future generations.

Almonds Lane Cemetery Regulations

Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, FF, R and a small part of G section are laid out in traditional style with headstones and full kerb sets around the graves.

Sections BB, G, H and K are laid out as lawn sections, this means that ONLY headstones are permitted.

Burial Interment Form

Grant Transfer - Application to register new owner of Exclusive Right of Burial which should only be completed if the original owner is deceased.

Grant Transfer Form

The Garden of Rest is for cremated remains only. There are no new plots available, but interments will still take place for reopen plots.

Garden of Rest Interment form

The Memorial Shrub Garden is for cremated remains only. There are no new plots available but interments will still take place for reopen plots.

Memorial Shrub Garden Interment form

The Memorial Rose Garden is for cremated remains only, and is still available for interments.

Memorial Rose Garden Interment form

Memorial Wall floral tributes for people wishing to purchase a position on the wall with a plaque and container, a fee will be charged, for a period of 5 years which can be renewed.

Memorial Wall Application

There is a choice of five colour roses; red, orange, yellow, pink or white.

The inscription for the plaque to be placed with the rose can be chosen from the list below. There are eight inscriptions to choose from and the plaque will include the full name of the deceased, the year of birth, the year of death and plot number. The inscriptions available are:

Code Inscription 
P1 In Memory of
P2 In Loving Memory of
P3 Beloved and Remembered
P4 Rest in Peace
P5 Forever in our thoughts
P6 Cherished Memories
P7 Always Loved - Never Forgotten
P8 And so is Peace

The Book of Remembrance is located in a building on the east side of the Garden of Rest.   The days page can be viewed at any time - through the window if the door to the building is locked. 

The inscription will be the full name of the deceased, and the date of their birth and death.  The inscription is normally entered on the anniversary of the death, but may be entered on any other date if requested.

Book of Remembrance application form

Reopening of existing graves

Visitors to the cemetery may find that when an existing grave needs to be reopened for a further burial it may be necessary to place the removed earth on an adjacent plot.  The Cemetery staff take every possible care in this task.  The situation is unavoidable and is kept to a minimum so as not to inconvenience our visitors.



Reporting / Enquiry Form

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