Stevenage Coat of Arms

  Stevenage Coat of Arms



The oak tree represent the woodland in and around Stevenage, and the acorns symbolise the town's steady growth and its prosperity. The sword is form the Bishops of London, who owned Stevenage during the Middle Ages. The red band (called a fesse) across the middle of the shield represents the Great North Road running through Stevenage and the six stars on it are for the six neighbourhoods: Old Stevenage, Bedwell, Broadwater, Shephall, Chells and Pin Green.


Above the shield is a helmet decorated with foliage (called mantlings) in green and silver, the same colours as the shield. The gold crown on the top of the helmet indicates a planned area. The hart - deer-like animal - is taken from the Hertfordshire coat of arms. It is resting its foot on a cogwheel, which represents the modern industry carried out in Stevenage.