Creative Use

To make use of the empty shop units in the town centre we have introduced a creative use programme. This means that temporary use of empty shop units can be tendered for and used to create positive environments and enable creative initiatives.

We are inviting tender bids for the former Subway unit in the Plaza. Please be sure to read the Creative Use Policy before submitting your application, it gives guidance on the use for non-commercial creative purposes.

The use of the shop unit(s) will be on a temporary basis and subject to terms as detailed in a tenancy agreement.

Former Subway shop unit


The unit

Single-storey modern build featuring an apsidal glazed façade from ground to roof eave and a finished interior. Building entrance leads through the glazed façade to a large open space, well illuminated by natural lighting and overhead artificial lighting. The interior also features white plasterboard walls, laminate flooring, and central heating and AC. The east half of the building is partitioned into an additional room in the south-east corner and a storage unit and wash closet in the north-east.

Former Subway site, The Plaza, Stevenage

Potential uses

Ideally suited for:

  • cultural exhibition (including window façade
  • creative performance
  • community creative workshops
  • creative practitioner studio
  • longer or shorter-term use

Application requirements

To be considered, an application must align with the Creative Use Policy. Please ensure that you read it. Because this space qualifies as ‘interior use’, applicants must detail:

A. The individual/group’s aims, objectives, and long-term aspirations (applications will be disqualified if activity is not considered creative or within the arts).
B. Social value offered through use, including how it offers community engagement (More information on the concept of social value can be found on the Social Value hub website.
C. Previous experience in relation to the proposed use, to demonstrate a level of commitment and quality, which may include (but not limited to) any documentation of governance structure, annual reports, and experience (i.e. a CV).
D. Appropriateness of proposed activity in correspondence with the space and the stated potential uses above.
E. Method Statement (how you’ll operate).
F. Proposed level of use (we want to ensure the spaces are used).

Please send application as a word or pdf document, addressing the above criteria using the same A-F format, answering each question fully and in order. Copy and paste the above A-F criteria and provide answers below each question. If you are attaching documents, please mention the document name under the correct criteria/question.

Please send responses with any necessary attachments to: