Cycle Security and Maintenance

Cycle Security

Cycle theft does occur sometimes. CCTV operates in the town centre, the neighbourhood centres and car parks and has reduced crime rates. You can help reduce the risk of having your bicycle stolen by keeping it securely locked.

  • Park your bike where it is visible to passing pedestrians
  • Lock the frame and preferably both wheels to something solid
  • Take any removable parts with you
  • Insure your bicycle
  • Invest in a good quality lock
  • Have your frame postcoded
  • Record appropriate information about your bike such as make, model, etc. If it is stolen these details will help the police get it back
  • Take a photograph of your bike and keep it in a safe place.

Further details on cycle security can be obtained from Hertfordshire Constabulary Crime Prevention Officers visit their website for more information.

Cycle Maintenance

Check your bike and make sure it is safe. If there is anything you cannot repair take it to a bicycle shop.

  • Saddle - Is it tightly fixed and the correct height?
  • Handlebars - Can you easily reach them and is anything loose?
  • Brakes - Do they both work properly (stop the bike steadily but quickly) is anything worn out (cables, blocks)?
  • Wheels - Do they run straight and smooth, not buckled or rubbing against anything, are all the spokes present and tight?
  • Tyres - Are they pumped up hard, do they have a good tread without cuts or bulges?
  • Chain & Gears - Does it run smoothly? Can you get all the gears easily, without the chain jumping off?
  • Lights - If you plan to cycle at night, do you have front (white) and rear (red) lights and a rear red reflector, are they clean and do they work properly? Wheel and pedal reflectors and a front white reflector are also good to have.