Why Cycle?

For health

  • Medical experts describe cycling as "an ideal form of exercise"
  • Cycling for half an hour a day could halve your chances of heart disease
  • It is estimated that a 10% increase in people cycling regularly would reduce National Health Service costs for treating heart disease by £200m a year
  • Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level normally found in someone 10 years younger
  • Pollution is three times as bad inside a car as outside in slow moving traffic
  • Don’t overdo it! Start gently and build up your fitness level.
    If in doubt, consult your Doctor.

For transport

  • Traffic congestion is not yet perceived to be a great problem in Stevenage, however long queues can develop on main routes in the morning and evening "rush hours". Unless positive action is taken these are set to get worse.
  • Many journeys in Stevenage are short enough to be made by bicycle
  • Cycling can perform a vital role in beating congestion
  • Using the off street cycle network can be the quickest way of travelling in peak traffic conditions
  • Most rush hour journeys within Stevenage are faster by bike.

For recreation

  • Cycling is an excellent way of seeing Stevenage from a different perspective
  • The comprehensive off road cycleway network allows you to take in Stevenage’s attractions and places of interest by bicycle
  • The Stevenage cycleway network provides easy access to the surrounding countryside

For the environment

  • Cycling is a pollution-free form of transport
  • Nearly 60% of car journeys are less than 5 miles. By cycling instead for short journeys you can help to reduce pollution and traffic congestion and preserve the Earth’s oil reserves
  • Motor vehicle fumes are a major contributor to "global warming", by cycling instead you are helping to reduce the rate of climate change.