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Ownership and agricultural holding certificates and notices to be completed

An ownership notice needs to be completed as part of your application to us if you own the property/site. If you are not owner of the application site, or part of the development for example overhangs/projects onto adjoining land which is not under your ownership, then a notice has to be served to all owners of the application site/property. You will also need to submit as part of your application an "Agricultural Holdings Certificate" which confirms whether or not any of the land to which the application relates is, or forms part of an agricultural holding.

You will need to provide the relevant ownership notices and agricultural holding certificates for householder, full and outline applications, including applications to remove and/or vary conditions.

For reference, site owners are defined as freeholders or leaseholders with at least seven years of the lease left unexpired.

The relevant notices and certificates can be downloaded from the Planning Portal website.