Lawful Development Certificate - Proposed

Lawful development certificate for a proposed use or operation (including works to Listed Buildings)

An application for a Lawful Development Certificate should be used to establish whether a proposed use of buildings or other land, or some operations proposed to be carried out in, on, over, or under land, would be lawful.

A Lawful Development Certificate is a legal document stating the lawfulness of past, present or future development. The certificate is not a planning permission, therefore, we will not be assessing the merits of the particular operation, use or activity but merely the facts which has been presented to us. It is important to note that you cannot amend any of the information once you have submitted the application to us.

A certificate for a proposed operation or activity will specify (by reference to a plan or drawing) the area included in the certificate and describe the precise nature of use, operation or activity which is lawful. The certificate will give the reason for determining the use or operation to be lawful and specify the date of the application for the certificate.

Lawful Development Certificate of proposed works to a Listed Building

A Lawful Development Certificate Application should be used to confirm that the works described do not require listed building consent. If the works are considered to be lawful, we will issue a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a Listed Building. This will confirm that the works described in it:

  • Do not affect the character of the listed building;
  • Do not therefore require listed building consent.

As part of any application, you will be required to provide plans, drawings and information as are necessary to describe the proposed works, together with a description of the part of the listed building or buildings that are likely to be affected. You will also be required to provide a statement explaining why you consider the proposed works do not affect the character and appearance of the Listed Building and evidence verifying the information included in the application.

You can apply online at the National Planning Portal or you can download the relevant application form below:

Lawful development certificate for a proposed use or operation

Lawful development certificate of proposed works to a listed building

Information required to be submitted for a lawful development certificate is set out in the weblink below:

To process an application we require the information detailed in the National Requirements to be submitted with the application. The period for deciding the application cannot start until all the information has been received.

Please make sure you submit one original copy of the application form, together with one original copy of the plans and supporting information. The fee information for the application can be found on our planning application fees and how to pay page.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download these documents. If you don’t have it you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.


It is an offence to provide false or misleading information or to withhold information with intent to deceive. We can revoke, at any time, a certificate issued as a result of false or misleading information.