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Lead Local Flood Authority - Major planning applications

On the 24 March 2015, the National Government laid out a statutory instrument to make the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) a statutory consultee in planning for all major developments in relation to the management of surface water drainage from the 15 April 2015.

The LLFA for Stevenage is Hertfordshire County Council and they will advise us as the Local Planning Authority (LPA) on whether the proposed drainage scheme complies with the relevant technical standards and policies. The decision as to whether the submitted drainage scheme is acceptable is down to us as the determining authority.

Formal planning applications

We will consult with the LLFA and submit to them the drainage scheme which is provided as part of your planning application submission. If any additional information is requested by the LLFA, this has to be passed onto us as the LPA who will then forward it onto the LLFA. This is because the LLFA will not accept any new information from you as the applicant and/or agent directly.

Pre-application service

The LLFA provide a pre-application service which is subject to a fee and the submission of the relevant pre-application form. You can download a copy of the pre-application form from Hertfordshire County Council’s website along with the guidance about  the pre-application service which is provided by the LLFA.

Works affecting ordinary watercourses

It is important to take note that whilst the LLFA is not a statutory consultees where development sites contain ordinary watercourses, the LLFA is the regulatory authority under Section 23 of the Land Drainage Act 1991. You are strongly advised that if the application site contains an ordinary watercourse, to contact Hertfordshire County Council’s Flood Risk Management Team directly. Their contact details are as follows:

Telephone: 01992 556498;
Email: floodandwatermanagement@hertfordshire.gov.uk

And for general enquiries email: FRMConsultations@hertfordshire.gov.uk

You may also require prior written consent from the LLFA, regardless of any planning permission. Visit Hertfordshire County Council's website for guidance on applying for consent for works on ordinary watercourses.