Dropped Kerbs and Crossovers

If you need to get vehicle or wheelchair access onto your property, you can apply to have the kerb outside your property lowered.

How do I get a kerb lowered?

Being able to lower or drop a kerb depends on where you live within the Borough. This is because if your property fronts onto a classified road (A, B or C roads), then you may require planning permission from us. In regards to the classification of roads in the UK,  A roads are generally designated trunk roads and primary roads and B roads are numbered local/collector routes that can vary in scale from single lanes to dual carriageways. Smaller roads intended to connect unclassified roads with A and B roads, and often linking housing estates or a village, are known as C roads. However, most local roads, such as within housing estates in the UK are generally unclassified roads. However, it is recommended you contact Hertfordshire Council as the Highways Authority to find out whether or not your road is classified as this will determine whether or not you will need planning permission from us before you can apply for a dropped kerb.

Separately, in order to make a formal application for a dropped kerb itself, you will need to contact Hertfordshire County Council who is the Highways Authority. This is because we no longer deal with applications for dropped kerbs as this service has been transferred to Hertfordshire County Council.

Do I need planning permission?

You need planning permission if you live on a classified road, i.e. A, B or C road. You can apply for permission by using our Planning application form for householder planning consent.

You do not need planning permission is you live on an unclassified road. Pedestrian crossings, e.g. to get wheelchairs on and off the footway do not require planning permission either.

Any application for the construction of a domestic crossing/dropped kerb which you need to submit to Hertfordshire County Council, it maybe refused or modified on the grounds of highway safety.

How much will it cost?

There is a fee for planning permission so you can contact us and we can advise you of the fee accordingly. Whether you are granted permission, or live in an area where permission is not required, you will still have to pay for the crossing or dropped kerb to be installed by Hertfordshire County Council.

In regards to the costs of implementing the dropped kerb, again you will need to contact Hertfordshire County Council who are the Highways Authority in this instance.

Who carries out the work?

The work must be carried out by Hertfordshire County Council’s Highways department.

Conditions of dropped kerbs

There are a number of conditions which apply to how the dropped kerb/crossing can be built and used. This includes conditions around:

  • Drainage;
  • Gates;
  • Hardstandings;
  • Obstacles to construction;
  • Parking within your property;
  • Permitted types of vehicles;
  • Shared access;
  • Size of the crossing;
  • Standard finish;
  • Street furniture;
  • Two crossings at the same property.

If you decide to go ahead with the construction you must remove the fence, wall or hedge within the property at the place where the dropped kerb/crossing will be located before construction can take place.

It is recommended you view Hertfordshire County Council website for the full conditions and for more information on dropped kerbs.

Rights of way and maintenance of dropped kerbs

The construction of a vehicle crossing by Hertfordshire County Council Highways does not give the you, the owner/occupier of the premises any particular rights, except to drive across the footway to gain access to your property. The dropped kerb/crossing itself is part of the public highway.

Once the dropped kerb/crossing is completed satisfactorily, Hertfordshire County Council Highways will assume responsibility for its maintenance, providing no damage is caused to it by illegal use.

More information

Contact Hertfordshire County Council on 0300 1234 047 or write to:

Hertfordshire County Council Highways
County Hall
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DQ