Examination Documents


ED101 July 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) and the Environment Agency (EA)
ED102 July 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between SBC and Natural  England (NE)
ED103 July 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between SBC and Hertfordshire County Council
ED104 July 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between SBC and East Hertfordshire District Council
ED105 June 2016 SBC response to Home Builders Federation submission to the Stevenage Local Plan consultation February 2016
ED106 12 August 2016 Inspector's initial questions to Council 
ED107 15 August 2016 Letter from Council to Inspector re: main modifications
ED108 June 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between SBC and Luton Borough Council
ED109 August 2016 Stevenage Town Centre Model S-paramics Forecasting Model
ED109(A)  August 2016 Caveat attached to ED109
ED110 19 August 2016 List of meeting held by SBC with respondents of Regulation 19 consultation since close of the consultation in February 2016
ED111 19 August 2016 SBC replies to the Inspector’s Initial Questions
ED112 25 August 2016  Overall housing need update based on 2014 projections

25 August 2016

Caveat by SBC to accompany overall housing figures
ED113 August 2016 Summary of consultation representations and Officer responses
ED114 25 August 2016  SBC schedule of proposed main modifications
ED115 25 August 2016 SBC schedule of proposed minor modifications
ED116 August 2016 Memorandum of Understanding between Stevenage Borough Council and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
ED117 August 2016 Stevenage & North Herfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment update vol 2
ED118 August 2016 Housing Technical Paper update
ED119 November 2016 Historic England
ED120 4 November 2016 Inspector's Matters and Issues Stage 1
ED121 4 November 2016 Inspector's Guidance Notes Stage 1
ED122 November 2016 

Maps showing changes between District Plan and emerging Local Plan in relation to housing, green belt and employment land to North West of Stevenage.

ED123 December 2016 Housing Technical Paper Update 2
ED124 Employment Technical Paper Update
ED125 November 2016 Memorandum of understanding between Stevenage Borough Council, Anglian Water and Thames Water
ED126 December 2016 Stevenage Borough Local Plan Initial Transport Modelling Evidence
ED127 Dec 2016 Transport Technical Paper
ED128 August 2016 HCC Transport Vision 2050
ED129 Dec 2016 Independent Transport commission: Recent trends  in road and rail travel
ED130 15.12.16 Memorandum of Understanding between Stevenage Borough Council and North Herts District Council
ED131 13.12.16 SoCG with SBC (landowner) and Iceni
ED132 30.11.16 Letter from SBC as landowner re. all other sites
ED133 19.12.16  NHDC email re Level 2 SFRA 2016 and flood risk
ED134 3.1.17 Thames Water: Rye Mead Sewage Treatment
ED135 6.1.17 SoCG between Highways England and SBC
ED136 Letter to SBC from Iceni Projects
ED137 11.01.17 Letter from SBC to Inspector re Stevenage Mobility strategy with enclosures 2 and 3 attached.
ED137A 11.01.17 Enclosure 1: Stevenage Cycling Plan
ED138 January 2017 AMR 2015/16 Partial Update (Housing and Employment) (also in the examination library AMR3)
ED139 6.1.17 SoCG between SBC and Bellway Homes/Miller Homes
ED140 16.1.17 MoU between SBC and Central Bedfordshire Council
ED141 16.1.17 MoU between SBC and Local Enterprise Partnership
ED142 17.1.17 SBC Opening Statement at Hearing Sessions
ED143 19.1.17 SBC response to Inspector’s new questions 8, 9 and 10 for for Matter 3 Strategic Transport
ED144 19.1.17 Vectos Supplementary Paramic Modelling Overview
ED145 19.1.17 SBC Opening Statement to Matter 3 Strategic Transport
ED146 19.1.17 Updates to Infrastructure Delivery Plan
ED147 8.11.16 Home Office Letter to Peter Lilley MP re security of Green Belt and immigration
ED148 Nov 2015 Town & Country Planning Paper 17 New Estimates of housing requirements in England 2012-2037
ED149 18.1.17 Email from Tesco's to Stevenage Borough Council re access to store in Lytton Way
ED150 23.1.17 SoCG between Stevenage Borough Council and Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon (West of Stevenage)
ED151 23.1.17 HCC Property reps to North Herts District Council  Local Plan consultation
ED152 19.1.17 North Herts DC hearing statement for Matter 11
ED153 2.02.17 Hertfordshire Country Council rebuttal of NHDC hearing statement for Matter 11
ED154 10.2.17 SBC’s note to the Inspector on the Housing White Paper ’Fixing our Broken Housing Market’
ED155 20.2.17 Stage 2 Hearing Statement from Stephen McPartland MP
ED156 20.2.17 Proposed Modifications to SBC Local Plan
ED157 21.4.15 Case No: CO/4846/2014 Claverton PC v Nottingham City Council, Broxtowe BC, Gedling BC v Peveril Securities Ltd
ED158 23.2.17 SG1 Map of first phase of town centre development
ED159 2016 A Guide to the Forster Country
ED160 March 2017 Heritage Technical Note: Land North of Stevenage Borough Council
ED161 3.3.17
ED162 3.3.17 Stephen McPartland MP Hearing Stage 3 hearing statement
ED163 15.3.17 SBC response to Stephen McPartland's hearing statement for stage 3
ED164 14.11.16 Savills:  request for an EIA Screening Opinion Icon Site Lytton Way, Stevenage
ED164(A) 14.11.16 Supporting document for Screening Opinion
ED165 6.12.16 SBC: Screening Opinion re Icon Site, Lytton way, Stevenage
ED166 21.3.17 Listed buildings descriptions Land North of Stevenage Borough Council
ED167 15.6.16 Secretary of State’s decision on two appeals by Sawston Solar Farm Ltd. Land North of Dales Manor Park, West Way, Sawston, Cambridgeshire.
ED168 March 2017 Updated Stevenage Infrastructure Delivery Plan
ED169(A) 22.3.17 Bellway/Miller:  Hertfordshire Rights of Way Map
ED169(B)  22.3.17 Bellway/Miller proposed alterations to Rights of Way for site HO3
ED170 26.7.13 Judgement CO/9953/2012  Bedford BC V Sec of state for Communities & Local Gov. And Nuon UK Ltd.
ED171 15.6.16 Principle changes to the updated SBC Infrastructure Delivery Plan. (ED168)
ED172 22.3.17  Statement between SBC, Hertfordshire County Council, WSP Group on behalf of Bellway and Miller (Site HO3 North of Stevenage), and Croudace Homes (North Herts Site NS1)
ED173 27.3.17 BC and NHDC joint  statement on high level  transport principles
ED174 March 2017 SBC proposed amendments to Policy HO2 West Stevenage
ED175 30.3.17 Taylor Wimpey/Persimmon Homes proposed amendments to Policy HO2 West Stevenage
ED176 10.4.17 Land West of Stevenage: Position statement between Taylor Wimpey/Persimmon and Hertfordshire County Council
ED177 26.1.17 Inspector’s note to SBC following stage 1 hearings.
ED178 6.4.17 Email from Mr. Rigg Chairman Graveley Parish Council re Gypsy and Traveller site HO12/1. (Note:  permission from Mr. Whittaker to publish his email has not been given.)
ED179  10.5.17 SBC note on Gypsy and Traveller site  HO12/1
ED180 May 2017 SBC Local Plan Proposed Main Modifications
ED181 May 2017 Sustainability Appraisal of Proposed Main Modifications
ED182 July 2017 Main Modifications consultation responses.
ED183 May 2017 Stevenage Borough Local Plan Policies and Inset Map Modifications
ED184 May 2017 Stevenage Borough Local Plan Proposed Minor Modifications