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Planning Policy

Planning Policy

What does the Council's Planning Policy team do?

The Planning Policy Team prepares Development Plan Documents (known as Local Plans). These are documents which set out the strategic priorities for development in Stevenage, including land allocations and policies which cover issues such as housing, employment, community, environment and heritage. These planning policies are used by the Council when determining planning applications or enforcing unauthorised development.

Consultation - Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

What new infrastructure would you like to see in your community?

Many of you have told us that you don’t mind the development of new homes and employment uses in Stevenage, but you are concerned about how provision will be made for the infrastructure needed to support these developments, for example schools, doctors surgeries, open spaces and improvements to the transport network. This is your chance to have your say on the money we receive from developers and how it will be spent.


Consultation - Draft Statement of Community Involvement

Planning affects everyone and we want our community to be at the heart of the decisions we make in relation to new development and our vision for the town.

We want to hear your views on what we can do to get you involved in planning.

Holding Direction

On Monday 13 November 2017 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government issued a direction under section 21a of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (inserted by section 145(5) of the Housing and Planning Act 2016) to Stevenage Borough Council, not to take any step in connection with the adoption of the Core Strategy.


You can sign up to receive notifications of Local Plan consultations and comment on consultations using our Consultation Portal

Examination of our Local Plan (2011-2031)

Consultation: Article 4 Directions relating to Gunnels Wood and Pin Green Employment areas

Brownfield Land Register

Information about the Brownfield Land Register and how to apply to include land on the register. 

Emerging Local Plan

Information about our new local plan that we are currently preparing. The plan will set a vision for our town to 2031.

Adopted Local Plan 2004

Information about The Local Plan for Stevenage, also known as the District Plan, which was adopted in December 2004 and sets out the policies and proposals for controlling and allocating development and for protecting and enhancing the environment. Policies in the plan that are relevant to a planning application will be used when determining the application.


Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs) set out the Council's progress in producing its local development plan and reports upon key planning indicators (such as the number of new homes built in the previous year).

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning empowers communities to shape the development and growth of a local area through the production of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Permitted development: offices to residential changes of use

The Government has extended permitted development rights to allow the change of use of office premises into residential without the need to obtain planning permission from the Borough Council.

Supplementary guidance and material considerations

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) and their precursors (Supplementary Planning Guidance or SPG) provide developers and others with further detail on the interpretation and intent of policies in statutory planning documents.

Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Register

If you are interested in the idea of building your own home you can register your interest by filling-in a simple online form.


Sign up to our Consultation Portal and receive notifications of Local Plan consultations and comment on consultations.

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